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Creat Google Adsense account without website

         Do you know all about Google Adsense ?

      How Google Adsense help to earn money online?How to creat Google Adsense account? You can creat Google Adsense account without any website.

        Right now, i am going to show you how to fast approve Google Adsense account step-by-step

        Here, is the all that you want to know about Google Adsense

What is Adsense ?

              Google Adsense is show on your pirticuler website or on your YouTube channel and blogger. If you have a wonderful website and lot of traffic comes on your site and now you want earn money with your website you have to sign up for Google Adsense account.
Google Adsense 
And when you done your sign up process it ask some questions like your account type or your address and many more.  You have to fill all the right information about you and google ask. Then your Google Adsense account goes under review for a day.

- Google show your content and show how much traffic comes on your site and then he approve your application for Google Adsense account.
- If your content are copyrighted or many warnings on your site Google not allowed it. 
- you have to read Google Adsense privacy policy.

When your site get approval you should verify your site which is compulsory for showing ads on your site. If you link your Google Adsense account with YouTube you get faster approval and if you link with the blogger you have to good traffic on your published blogs. 
      Leter i show you how to link blogger account and YouTube account with your Google Adsense account.

In the Google Adsense all things available like how many people show your site and how many times ads show on your site and how many clicked on it current cpc, ppc and your daily report, weekly report, monthly report and your annual reports are show in Google Adsense.

-Google Adsense was launched on june 18 of 2003.
-Google most of revenue come from Adsense and Adwords. 

Want to Connect Google Adsense with Blogger?

  Blogger is a product of Google and you can make blogs here, and public on web.  You can eran money with blogger.  

If your blogs are getting too much traffic and every content is original then blogger give you a chance to earn money.

Sign up for  And post your first blog.  Every 2 or three days you have to write a new blog for your audience. After one or two week later you can apply for Google Adsense.
When you see page like this sign up for Adsense but make sure you have enough traffic to sign up for Google Adsense otherwise it will be rejected by google.

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